Aquavit is a centuries-old Scandinavian spirit, originally connected to holiday feasts and celebrations in Nordic countries. In more recent times, aquavit has become a part of everyday life in Sweden, Norway, and other northern European countries. Aquavit is made from neutral spirit and is flavored with caraway and/or dill (by law), plus a smattering of other herbs. Many of these find commonalities with gin, including citrus peel, anise, and cardamom, though juniper is not a typical ingredient in aquavit. Aquavit can be bottled unaged or can spend time in barrel — though note that caramel coloring is common with lesser bottlings. In recent years, aquavit has begun to show up in Western renditions, and “craft aquavit” is now a thing in the U.S.

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Making Our Own Aquavit with Spiced Spirits

By Christopher Null | May 21, 2013 |

Aquavit is a flavored Scandinavian vodka that has as many variations as there are countries in Europe. Finding aquavit stateside is difficult, though. The few bottlings imported here are mass-produced stuff that is, unfortunately, usually not very good. Why not make your own, then? Sounds good, but the number of spices required will probably fill…

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Review: Lysholm Linie Aquavit

By Christopher Null | September 11, 2012 |

In 6 years of Drinkhacking, this is actually our first review of an aquavit. I say that to illustrate a couple of things: 1) that I’m hardly an expert in aquavit and you should consider this an amateur review of the stuff at best, and 2) no one drinks aquavit. If you’re a novice, here’s…

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