Fruit Brandy

While the brandy we typically think about is made from grapes, the spirit can really be made from any type of fruit, berry, or not. Kirsch, for example, is brandy made from cherries, and slivovitz is brandy made from plums. Brandy can be made from everything from coconuts to juniper berries, but the most common type of brandy (aside from grape brandies) is that made from apples (and sometimes pears). In the U.S., apple brandy or applejack is a popular libation dating back to Colonial days — but the king of all fruit brandies can be found in France. Here, Calvados is distilled and aged in methods similar to Cognac, with various legal definitions and grade designations describing Calvados growing regions and the number of years spent in barrel.

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Review: Pur Spirits Pear Williams, Raspberry Vodka, and Bierbrand

By Christopher Null | September 9, 2011 |

Pür Spirits is based in a small village in Germany, so it makes sense that its artisinal liqueurs and other products, made from recipes handed down over the generations, are only just now making it to the U.S. At the present, the company offers six products for sale. We reviewed three. Notes follow. Pur Spirits…

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Review: Germain-Robin Apple Brandy

By Christopher Null | July 23, 2011 |

Not your father’s Applejack, Germain-Robin’s artisanal apple brandy is not cloyingly sweet but rather a fruit-tinged brandy, just as good fruit brandy should be. Dry and smooth, the nose offers vanilla and light chocolate notes, and really little more than a hint of apples. That’s right: The apple orchard takes a back seat to the…

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Review: Laird’s Rare Apple Brandy 12 Years Old

By Christopher Null | April 7, 2011 |

Aged apple brandy, or applejack, is a rarity, and Laird’s is one of the few U.S. brands that makes the stuff. This 12 year old is a classic example of the product. Intensely woody on the nose, you might think you’re dealing with a whiskey. Apple character comes along quickly when you sip it, though…

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Review: Clear Creek Pear Brandy

By Christopher Null | June 23, 2009 |

Pear brandy certainly doesn’t get a whole lot of play in the spirits business. But I guess pears don’t get a lot of play in the produce department, either. Tis a pity. Clear Creek (which makes a stellar Oregon whiskey) offers this classic Poire William, made from crushed whole Bartlett pears from its own orchards,…

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