Rated C+

Reviews of spirits, wine, and beer (and various errata like mixers and garnishes) comprise more than 80% of the content at Drinkhacker. At the C+ level, we see products that are relatively undistinguished, except perhaps in one or two minor factors. These products are generally not recommended, as better alternatives abound. On a five-star scale, these products would score 2 stars. On the traditional 100-point scale popular with many wine and spirits graders, these products would merit scores of 75 to 78 points.

Review: Mini Thin Rush Energy Shots

By Christopher Null | October 16, 2008 |

I happened into a Phoenix gas station earlier this week and was stunned to see how many “energy” shots were on sale at the register. Over 20 different varieties and hundreds of little two-ounce vials. It’s become one of the biggest trends in nonalcoholic drinking: High caffeine, very small portions. Just suck down the shot…

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Review: Skyy Infusions Vodka – Citrus, Raspberry, Grape, and Cherry

By Christopher Null | October 9, 2008 |

Skyy is a big player in the flavored vodka market and is unique for its dedication to only using natural flavors in its concoctions. After raving about its passion fruit version, I tasted four of its classic, more versatile flavors to get a better feel for the line. All are 70 proof. Some thoughts follow.…

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Review: Agavero Liqueur

By Christopher Null | September 13, 2008 |

Somewhere between Drambuie and Almendrado lies Agavero, the curious tequila liqueur in the distinctive bottle. Agavero is a blend of 100% agave tequilas (both reposado and anejo) to which Damiana flower essence is added. (If that sounds familiar it’s because Damiana is also the namesake of the eponymous herbal Damiana liqueur, something I use liberally…

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Review: Brave Spirits Rum, Vodka, Whiskey, Gin

By Christopher Null | July 4, 2008 |

Want to celebrate Independence Day? Well, you can go to a parade, eat a hot dog, light some fireworks, or drink one of these liquors from Brave Spirits, four bottles designed specifically with “soldiers, marines, airmen, police officers, and firefighters” in mind. Presumably you can drink them even if you are not one of these…

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Review: Corazon Tequila, Complete Lineup (2008)

By Christopher Null | May 20, 2008 |

I find that tequila creates the strongest difference of opinion of any straight spirit. While people tend to agree on what makes a good gin, a good vodka, or even a good bourbon, when it comes to tequila, opinions on a given bottle tend to fall all over the map. One case in point is…

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Review: Oak Leaf’s $1.97 Chardonnay and Merlot

By Christopher Null | May 3, 2008 |

How good can something cheap really be? When last I broached this topic I found there was some correlation between wine prices and quality, but that it was fairly weak. But that analysis doesn’t really apply to the rock-bottom pricing that rules the world of jug wines, box wines, and stuff like Oak Leaf, a…

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Review: 3 Vodka

By Christopher Null | April 15, 2008 |

Get ready for this. 3 is the world’s only soybean vodka. And by “soybean vodka” I mean “vodka that’s made from soybeans.” No, really. If you were to ask me what a soybean vodka might taste like, I’d probably come up with something like this: A meaty spirit with strong overtones of bitter herbal liqueurs…

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Review: Cocktails by Jenn – Appletini and Lemon Drop

By Christopher Null | January 12, 2008 |

You’ve probably seen these pastel-toned, mini-sized premixed cocktails (typically in a little, hat-box-looking tote package) at the grocery store. Cocktails by Jenn seem to be on sale everywhere. With enticing Lemon Drop, Cosmo, Appletini, and “Tropical Blue Lagoon” (to round out the color palette), look good on the shelf. But how do they taste? Unlike…

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