Cocktail recipes, aka mixed drinks, are generally fairly simple sets of text outlining a selection of ingredients along with some basic instructions on how to mix them. Recipes may involve wine or beer, but most commonly are spirits-based, with various mixers, juices, and others ingredients intended to turn a simple spirit into something elevated. Drinkhacker’s recipe section also occasionally includes food products, either intended specifically to pair with a certain cocktail or incorporating a particular liquor into the recipe directly.

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Recipe: Keeneland Breeze

By Drew Beard | May 5, 2022 |

It’s almost time for the Kentucky Derby, a famously short sporting event with a famously long pre-party (and after party for those who can make it that long). The venerable Mint Julep has become the obligatory tipple for the crowds at Churchill Downs and armchair tailgaters across the country, but the Keeneland Breeze, while newer…

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Recipe: Alaska

By Drew Beard | April 21, 2022 |

Just like the origins of the word cocktail, the exact stories behind the names of some of the oldest libations are lost to time. Take this variation on the Martini, for example. You’d think this one would be an easy tale to remember. When it first emerged in cocktail books right before World War I,…

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Recipe: Brooklynite

By Drew Beard | April 14, 2022 |

The Brooklynite hails from the tiki era during the middle of the 20th century, a golden time in American drinks culture when a bar anywhere could become a vacation spot unto itself, complete with Polynesian music and luau themes. I couldn’t find a specific bartender to credit for its creation, but the recipe can be…

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The Best Cherry Liqueur Roundup: 12 Bottles Tasted, 1 Winner

By Christopher Null | April 1, 2022 |

Aside from the orange, the cherry seems to be the fruit that ends up in spirits more than adnything else. Credit that not just with the popularity of cherry as a flavoring agent, but also, perhaps, with the fact that cherries seem to grow everywhere: The U.S., all across Europe, Russia, and even the middle…

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Recipe: Twelve Mile Limit

By Drew Beard | March 31, 2022 |

Ah, Prohibition. Where would the modern cocktail be without you? Whether out of necessity or the devil-may-care creativity of many a speakeasy bartender (often probably both), the era gave us no shortage of interesting libations that still inspire today’s booming cocktail culture. Take this drink, the Twelve Mile Limit. The cocktail’s creator is believed to…

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Recipe: Good Cork

By Drew Beard | March 10, 2022 |

This is not your typical Irish whiskey cocktail. While plenty of Irish variations exist on classic whiskey tipples like the Manhattan and Old Fashioned, few, if any, call for an equal measure of mezcal. Ordinarily, I would be a bit dubious of such a bizarre recipe, but the Good Cork has a reliable pedigree. It…

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Recipe: Downhill Daring

By Drew Beard | February 17, 2022 |

While a cocktail like the Full Monte can be considered a form of the “Reverse Manhattan”, purists will argue that a true Reverse Manhattan is one in which vermouth (and not some other modifier like amaro) forms the backbone of the cocktail. While I’m always happy to kick up the amaro or liqueur (within reason)…

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Recipe: Teatro

By Drew Beard | February 10, 2022 |

Tequila cocktails don’t always have to be summery or fruity affairs. It’s easy to relegate the agave-based booze to poolside margaritas, but there’s a world of possibilities out there for what is actually a very versatile spirit. Case in point: the Teatro. It’s a riff on the gin-based Bijou, crafted by Sother Teague for the…

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Recipe: Remember the Maine

By Christopher Null | January 27, 2022 |

Don’t remember your history? The Maine was a battleship that exploded and sank in the harbor of Havana, Cuba in 1898, after which the U.S. — goaded by yellow journalism — at last entered into war with Spain. Decades later the true cause of the explosion would be revealed — “self-inflicted” — all of which…

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Recipe: Final Ward

By Drew Beard | January 6, 2022 |

The craft cocktail boom has seen countless riffs on the classics, some great and some not so great. Quintessential libations, like the Manhattan or the Negroni, have seemed to offer the best vehicles for experimentation, partly due to their simplicity but also their familiarity with the drinking public. It’s one thing for a bartender to…

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