Hangovers occur when you drink too much. A hangover’s symptoms include nausea, headache, fatigue, dry mouth, and much more, depending on the individual. The specific cause of hangovers remains a subject of intense medical debate, but the presumed causes include dehydration, buildup of chemicals like acetaldehyde and other toxic compounds, and the inclusion of congeners and histamines in wine and spirits. Genetics and individual tolerance are also major factors, as different people react differently to alcohol consumption.

Since 2015 this category has largely been deprecated at Drinkhacker and we no longer actively cover hangover cures or preventatives.

Review: ResQwater

By Christopher Null | November 18, 2009 |

ResQwater is a clear beverage in a single-serve bottle, meant to be consumed “before, during, or after” a hangover… though the name would certainly imply it’s here to rescue you once you’ve already been struck down. Sweet and a little syrupy, it’s fortified with N-acetyl L-cysteine, fructose, prickly pear juice, vitamins B1, B6, phosphorus, sodium,…

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Review: Go Time Hangover Relief

By Christopher Null | October 30, 2009 |

Go Time is a rarity in hangover relief products: You take it the morning after, rather than while you’re drinking or before you go to bed — when no one ever remembers to take these things. No, Go Time is intended for use when you’re suffering at rock bottom. It also benefits from being not…

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Preemptive Apology

By Christopher Null | October 16, 2009 |

For all whom I might offend tonight, I offer a preemptive apology in the style of these high-society Chinese gentlemen… from the year 856. Click through for the elaborate original. Here it is translated… Yesterday, having drunk too much, I was intoxicated as to pass all bounds; but none of the rude and coarse language…

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Review: THC The Hangover Cure

By Christopher Null | August 13, 2009 |

THC The Hangover Cure — yes, the name is completely coincidental — comes in powder form, contained in a long tube. You mix it with water — 12 to 16 oz. — and guzzle it down after “a night of debauchery” and before bed. What’s inside? A whole bunch of stuff: Supersized doses of vitamin…

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Review: Pretoxx Alcohol Supplement

By Christopher Null | June 29, 2009 |

What do I like the most about Pretoxx? It comes in pill form, so no need to choke back some nasty liquid in the guise of hangover prevention. Pretoxx is pretty simple stuff. One pill has 600mg of Vitamin C, 100mg of Vitamin B-1, and 200mg of NAC. That’s it. Basically, it’s vitamins, which you’re…

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Review: Code Blue Recovery Drink

By Christopher Null | April 2, 2009 |

Billed as “the world’s first complete recovery drink,” Code Blue launched earlier this year with the goal of pre-de-hangover-izing the youth of America. (As with most modern hangover remedies, the idea is to drink this stuff after drinking alcohol — or during, or even before — and you’ll feel fine the next day.) And I…

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Review: XyliMelts

By Christopher Null | March 29, 2009 |

What’s the worst part of a hangover? The headache? The upset stomach? The hatred toward your fellow man? For some, it’s the dry mouth: No matter how much water you drink, that cottonmouth comes back in minutes, keeping you awake all night and aware of all the other symptoms. Enter XyliMelts, a bizarre solution but…

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Review: Drinkin’ Mate Hangover Defense

By Christopher Null | March 8, 2009 |

There’s good news and bad news about Drinkin’ Mate, another entry into the growing category of hangover prevention remedies. First the good: Compared to the field, Drinkin’ Mate is the best-tasting hangover preventer around. It’s an effervescent pill (like an Alka-Seltzer). Just drop it in a few ounces of water, and you get a fizzy,…

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Taking “the Fun Out of Booze”

By Christopher Null | July 30, 2008 |

All of the hangover, none of the glory. An experimental drug that blocks the euphoric feelings associated with drinking may prevent alcoholics from relapsing. The finding, the result of a mouse study at Oregon Health & Science University, could lead to human clinical trials within the next year. Good news for alcoholics and fraternities who…

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Review: Hangover Buster

By Christopher Null | June 11, 2008 |

Hangover remedies are legion (and of questionable utility), but the prepackaged variety has become considerably more popular in recent years. My own pre-sleep regimen of two Tylenol and a big glass of water seems to work pretty well, but is there a more “natural” way to do the job? Hangover Buster is an Alka-Seltzer like…

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