Whether it’s a maraschino cherry or edible flowers, many consider a cocktail to be incomplete without a garnish. Some cocktails, including the martini and the bloody mary, are downright incomplete without a proper garnish. This section considers the myriad garnishes available for cocktails, including things like rim salts and sugars and even edible straws.

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Review: Whipahol Whipped Lightning

By Christopher Null | June 25, 2010 |

Sadly we don’t have a category for this: Alcohol-infused, flavored whipped cream. That crazy conjecture is what Whipahol’s Whipped Lightning is: Flavored cream (and it is cream, not non-dairy topping), injected with alcohol and compressed air to fluff it up. It’s available in nine flavors, none of which are “whipped cream.” That’s because you need…

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What Does a $20 Bloody Mary Look Like?

By Christopher Null | April 12, 2009 |

Like this. San Francisco’s Waterbar serves this $20 “Ultimate” Bloody Mary, which largely speaks for itself. The garnishes — bacon and two jumbo boiled shrimp — steal the show, but the Bloody itself is darn good, too. Belevedere Vodka — not my favorite on its own — works fine with this superb blend of tomato…

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Review: Cholives

By Christopher Null | February 7, 2009 |

Garnishing a dessert drink with chocolate is the natural thing to do… but how exactly do you accomplish that? Drop a chunk of Hershey bar into the drink? Serve with a Twix swizzle stick? Enter a solution: Cholives. Much to my disappointment, Cholives are not chocolate-covered olives. They are simply medium-hard shelled dark chocolates (55%…

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Review: Griottines Brandied Cherries

By Christopher Null | December 20, 2008 |

Brandied cherries are essential for a proper Casino, but finding them is surprisingly difficult. The normal variety I use are quite large and though they taste great, they can get mushy, which is hardly the way you want to cap off a quality cocktail. Griottines are smaller, and quite tart. Macerated in Kirsch liqueuer, these…

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