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Review: Coopers’ Craft Bourbon Barrel Reserve

By Christopher Null | February 6, 2019 |

Brown-Forman dropped its Coopers’ Craft Bourbon just 2 1/2 years ago (its first new bourbon brand in 20 years), and now its out with its first line extension: A 100 proof version of the whiskey intended to honor the craft of the cooper, the guys who make the barrels. Labeling on the original Coopers’ Craft…

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Review: Hine Domaines Hine Bonneuil 2008 Cognac

By Christopher Null | February 1, 2019 |

Hine’s Bonneuil 2005 and 2006 — limited edition, single estate Cognac releases named after Hine’s 297 estate-managed acres at Bonneuil Village — are some of the finest middle-aged Cognacs you can find. The Bonneuil line skipped 2007, but now it’s back with a 2008 vintage release composed of just 16 casks, the smallest release in the…

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Review: Michter’s US-1 Toasted Barrel Finish Bourbon 2018

By Christopher Null | January 31, 2019 |

For the first time since 2015, Michter’s has released its Toasted Barrel Finish Bourbon, which was launched to much fanfare in 2014. The US-1 Toasted Barrel release is unique because it undergoes a second aging regimen after its initial run in charred oak barrel. This finishing takes place in a custom barrel which is assembled from…

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Review: Barrell Craft Spirits Bourbon 15 Years Old

By Drew Beard | January 30, 2019 |

Since it first hit the shelves, Barrell Bourbon has been a premium offering, and it has continued to move upmarket with the recently released Barrell Craft Spirits line. This first, very limited release includes three offerings: a bourbon, a whiskey, and a rum. The intent of the project, according to the folks at Barrell, was…

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Review: Three Chord Blended Bourbon

By Christopher Null | January 29, 2019 |

Musicians making whiskey has become the in thing to do in recent years, and much to my surprise, a lot of this has been pretty good. (Some, however, has not.) Three Chord Blended Bourbon is a project from musician/producer Neil Giraldo (he’s also married to Pat Benatar and produced “Love is a Battlefield”). If you like…

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Review: Craigellachie 33 Years Old

By Christopher Null | January 26, 2019 |

In the center of Speyside you’ll find the Craigellachie Distillery, which for years has been a primary contributor to Dewar’s blended whiskies. Lately, a few single malts bearing the Craigellachie name have been trickling onto the market and now we’re witnessing the oldest one in the modern era, a whopping 33 years of age. This travel retail…

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Review: Tequila Chamucos Diablo Blanco and Reposado

By Christopher Null | January 23, 2019 |

Chamucos is a Highland tequila brand, conceived in 1992 by an Oscar-nominated Mexican film director, Antonio Urrutia, and his close friend, a hand-blown glass bottle artist, Cesar Hernandez. Chamucos — “dark, shadowy, creatures who appear in dreams and only visit briefly at night” — dance on the label of the bottle, both of which are made…

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Review: Mortlach 12 Years Old, 16 Years Old, and 20 Years Old

By Christopher Null | January 19, 2019 |

In 2014, Diageo gave its storied Mortlach Distillery a big boost, relaunching its whiskies with three new expressions — a NAS release, an 18 year old, and a 25 year old, all beautiful monsters worth of Mortlach’s moniker, “The Beast of Dufftown.” And then they kind of disappeared. The promised increase in production never quite…

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Review: Kilchoman 100% Islay Eighth Release and Sauternes Cask Finish

By Christopher Null | January 17, 2019 |

The end of 2018 saw a pair of late-breaking Kilchoman bottlings arriving. Details (and reviews) follow. Kilchoman 100% Islay Eighth Release – It’s year #8 for Kilchoman’s annual 100% Islay release, which is grown, malted, distilled, matured and bottled entirely on Islay. From barley harvest between 2007 and 2011, and matured in a combination of bourbon and…

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Review: Glenfiddich Fire & Cane

By Christopher Null | January 13, 2019 |

This new expression from Glenfiddich — entry #4 in its Experiment Collection (see also here, here, and here) — is one of the most fun the distillery has released to date. While it’s a NAS whisky that doesn’t really feel like a “serious” dive into Speyside’s single malt heritage, it does offer some distinct — and…

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