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Tasting the Single Malts of BenRiach with Stewart Buchanan (2019)

By Rob Theakston | April 30, 2019 |

Louisville, Kentucky is a rather unusual place to host a single malt Scotch tasting. With the luxury of an abundance of bourbon readily available, making market headway into the Bluegrass could prove to be a daunting challenge. Thankfully, Brown-Forman (parent company to Jack Daniel’s, Woodford Reserve, and Old Forester, among others) is up to the…

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Review: Hendrick’s Orbium Gin

By Christopher Null | April 28, 2019 |

Not content with being the self-described oddest gin on the block, Hendrick’s has upped the ante with a new, limited-edition expression that “reinterprets” its unique style. Hendrick’s Orbium is infused with additional extracts of quinine, wormwood and lotus blossom, giving it a significantly unusual character. “Orbium, the first-ever new Hendrick’s expression, is available in the…

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Review: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Tasters’ Selection – Barrel Reunion #1

By Christopher Null | April 27, 2019 |

Last November Jack Daniel’s introduced its first experimental whiskey releases — ever. The two Tennessee Tasters’ Selection releases were both solid but unusual (to varying degrees), and a third release was promised to come down the pike in the near future. Now that third release is here, Barrel Reunion #1 (or Reunion Barrel #1, depending…

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Review: Michter’s US-1 Barrel Strength Straight Rye 2019

By Christopher Null | April 24, 2019 |

We last encountered Michter’s US-1 Barrel Strength Straight Rye, the overproof version of its US-1 Single Barrel Rye (it in turn a single barrel version of Michter’s US-1 Rye), in 2016. This 2019 expression is a classic rendition of overproof rye and the Michter’s style — as much as such a thing exists — with a…

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Tasting Report: Whiskies of the World Expo San Francisco 2019

By Christopher Null | April 23, 2019 |

That’s two years in a row with no major injuries – woo! Whiskies of the World 2019 is in the books, at least its San Francisco installment, and that means another spring evening of Scotch, bourbon, and fettuccine alfredo has come to a close. My American whiskey love affair of WotW 2018 reversed itself for…

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A Visit to MGP

By Drew Beard | April 22, 2019 |

You may have never heard of MGP, but chances are you’ve already had the whiskey the company makes. MGP is the largest supplier of sourced, aged whiskey in America for the many companies that don’t actually distill themselves (Non-Distilling Producers or NDPs), and they’re also a contract distilling powerhouse, working with customers from the earliest…

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Review: Casa Noble Joven Tequila

By Christopher Null | April 21, 2019 |

We’ve covered Casa Noble’s ultrapremium tequilas on several occasions, but have only had run-ins with single barrel Joven offering twice, both courtesy of the New Hampshire Liquor Commission. Today we look at Joven on its own, and though this bottling comes in a more nationally-available form, it’s still the same juice that you’ll find in…

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Review: Four Roses Small Batch Select Bourbon

By Christopher Null | April 16, 2019 |

Four Roses pumps out special edition bourbons on a regular clip, but it surprisingly only has three bottlings in its permanent collection: Single Barrel, Small Batch, and Yellow Label. Today a fourth bourbon joins that group: Small Batch Select, a name which will undoubtedly only exacerbate the confusion over the brand’s releases (particularly since it…

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Review: Game of Thrones Lagavulin House Lannister and Clynelish House Tyrell

By Rob Theakston | April 13, 2019 |

Confession: I do not know much about the HBO series Game of Thrones, nor am I versed on the novels upon which the show is based. What I have been able to ascertain from friends whose opinions I respect is that involves gratuitous nudity, people talking about winter, dragons, a throne, and the supremely underrated…

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Review: Ardbeg Drum

By Christopher Null | April 12, 2019 |

When summer draws near, it must mean Ardbeg Day is coming, too. Ardbeg has long chosen the last Saturday of Islay’s “Feis Ile” Festival of Music and Malt to celebrate, well, itself, by releasing a new, limited-edition “Committee Edition” single malt. This year, the Distillery is resurrecting the island’s carnival traditions. In an Islay time…

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