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Review: Michter’s US-1 Toasted Barrel Finish Rye 2023

By Christopher Null | November 4, 2023 |

Did you know: Michter’s pioneered the toasted barrel craze back in 2014, and it’s been at it ever since. This is the first expression of the distillery’s US-1 Toasted Barrel Rye we’ve seen since 2020, and again it undergoes the operation’s unique aging process, which we’ll remind you about here: Michter’s Master of Maturation Andrea…

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Review: Clonakilty Irish Whiskey Finished in Garrison Brothers Casks

By Christopher Null | November 3, 2023 |

Take the softest style of whiskey in the world and meld it with one of the most rugged and what do you get? Clonakilty‘s bold experiment, taking a 7 year old Irish single malt and finishing it in Garrison Brothers Balmorhea whiskey barrels, attempts to answer that question. And while there are moments of greatness…

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Review: Woodford Reserve Distillery Series – Toasted Oak Four Grain

By Christopher Null | November 2, 2023 |

The latest experimental whiskey from Woodford Reserve and its newish master distiller Elizabeth McCall (pictured) has arrived, and it’s a bit of a spin in the four-grain concept. This is actually a blend of four different whiskeys rather than one whiskey made with four grains, mixing up Woodford Reserve’s Bourbon, Rye, Wheat, and Malt whiskeys…

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Review: Remus Highest Rye Bourbon

By Drew Beard | November 2, 2023 |

Whiskey fans have come to appreciate, even adore, lots of MGP whiskeys since those early days of the bourbon boom when sourced was a dirty word. Their 95/5 rye whiskey helped turn neat sippers near and far into cocktail drinkers. And as more and more bourbon from the Lawrenceburg, Indiana distillery entered the market behind…

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Review: 15 Stars Bourbons – Platinum and Sherry Cask Finished

By Christopher Null | November 1, 2023 |

15 stars is at least 10 more stars than anyone should ever need, but I’m told there’s some legitimate meaning behind the name of this rising whiskey brand, as Kentucky was the 15th state in the nation… and thus the 15th star on the flag. Oddly enough, 15 Stars the whiskey hails from all over…

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Marianne Eaves

Marianne Eaves on Forbidden, Whiskey Innovation, and Bourbon Gluts

By David Tao | October 30, 2023 |

Marianne Eaves likes to stay busy. Since she left Castle & Key Distillery — where she was widely regarded as the first American woman to hold the title of Master Distiller — Eaves has consulted and blended for a wide range of distilleries and non-distilling producers. Indeed, her Eaves Blind series has seen her partner…

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Review: Isle of Skye Blended Scotch, Complete Lineup (2023)

By Drew Beard | October 29, 2023 |

While we encountered a younger Isle of Skye offering in a previous life, owner Ian Macleod Distillers has recently brought the entire range of Scotch blends stateside. The lineup runs a broad age gamut, from 8 to 30 years old, and each expression now sports fancy new packaging. Named for Skye, home to Talisker Distillery,…

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Bottle of Eagle Rare 25

Review: Eagle Rare 25 Years Old

By Frank Dobbins | October 28, 2023 |

Are you ready to climb even higher heights of peak bourbon? Eagle Rare 25 is the new impressively ornate ultra-aged bourbon from Buffalo Trace that aims to ascend to a perch among the most coveted American whiskeys on the market. To achieve the feat of extending Eagle Rare bourbon well beyond its typical age of…

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Review: Glenmorangie “A Tale of Tokyo”

By Christopher Null | October 28, 2023 |

Hey, I’m not the only one that loves Japan and Japanese whisky. Lately, even Scotland is getting in on the hype, with a range of mizunara-finished Scotches hitting the market at a steady clip. Up next is Glenmorangie’s turn, with it’s latest “Tale of” offering, A Tale of Tokyo. For this expression, Dr. Bill Lumsden…

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Review: WhistlePig “The Boss Hog X: The Commandments” Rye Whiskey 2023

By Christopher Null | October 27, 2023 |

There’s no more exciting time in whiskeydom than when WhistlePig drops its latest Boss Hog. Now in its tenth installment, the aggressively experimental whiskey series takes a new step into craziness, finishing its rye whiskey with truly Biblical flavors. There’s really no other option than to let WhistlePig explain The Commandments to you: A testament…

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