Does what you drink your beverage from matter? After more than a decade of tasting, we can categorically tell you that your barware or glassware is a key component of any drinking experience. In this section we review glasses, decanters, dispensing equipment, aerators, and even bar knives.

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Review: Parasia Digital Wine Thermometer with LED Light

By Christopher Null | November 22, 2008 |

Many wine bottles and reference guides helpfully offer an “optimum” temperature at which a wine should be served. Sticking the wine in an ice bucket is easy. Actually measuring the temperature it’s at is the hard part. Parasia’s Digital Wine Thermometer looks a lot like an oversized pen. Uncap it and dip the probe in…

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Winebloggin’ Episode II

By Christopher Null | July 31, 2008 |

The winemaking process continues over at Wired…

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Winebloggin’ at Wired

By Christopher Null | July 29, 2008 |

In the world of wine gadgets, there are fancy thermometers, cool glasses, and high-end corkscrews. And then there is WinePod, which lets you make your own wine, 48 bottles at a time, from frozen grapes, year-round. I installed a WinePod in my house last week, and my first 150 pounds of grapes go into it…

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Q: What Do You Do With 900 Tons of Broken Booze Bottles?

By Christopher Null | July 29, 2008 |

A: Landscape. Broken glass, 900 tons of broken bottles, is the key ingredient for the project alongside the interstate. “On the surface it may seem like a kooky idea,” said Caltrans spokesman Mark Dinger. “We’re putting it in an elevated area where pedestrians are not allowed.” The new landscaping is carrying on the new color…

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Review: Spiegelau Beer Classics Glassware

By Christopher Null | June 26, 2008 |

Obviously most consumers don’t really give much thought toward presentation. I mean, if people cared how their drinks looked, the Solo Cup Company would be out of business. Crystal maker Spiegelau bucks the trend with a collection of “Beer Classics” crystal glassware. Three new glasses are available, a lager glass, a stemmed pilsner glass, and…

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Cool Tool: Bass Black & Tan Brolly

By Christopher Null | March 15, 2008 |

The good folks at Bass have designed one of the neatest pieces of barware I’ve seen since the muddler became a hit: Called the brolly (British slang for an umbrella), it’s a little gizmo designed specifically for making Black & Tans. (Black & Tan is pint glass half full of pale ale (typically Bass), with…

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Introducing the Silhouette Wine Glass

By Christopher Null | October 7, 2007 |

I don’t anticipate I’ll be evaluating a whole lot of stemware on this blog, but I thought the Silhouette was just too interesting to pass up and I had to write about it. Check out the picture below and you’ll immediately see what I mean: The Silhouette is a standard, large-sized wine glass (like a…

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