Robert Lublin

Robert Lublin teaches whisk(e)y and wine appreciation classes for Arlington Community Education, near Boston, MA. He is also a Professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston and has published books and articles on Shakespeare as well as theatre and film history.

Review: Batiste Rhum Reserve

By Robert Lublin | April 3, 2022 |

We recently tried Batiste Rhum Silver and Gold, and today we taste their older sibling. As with the brand’s younger bottlings, Batiste Rhum Reserve is also a rhum agricole, distilled 100% from sugarcane and not from molasses. After distillation, it is aged in Tennessee rye oak casks for 18 months. Let’s give it a try.…

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Review: Drake’s Organic Boxtails, Complete Lineup

By Robert Lublin | March 27, 2022 |

Here’s a new concept in the RTD space: A massive box of margaritas or mojitos that you can tap into any time. Drake’s Organic Boxtails are 1.75 liters of shelf stable cocktails that have no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. They are very convenient because they don’t need to be refrigerated. Instead, they are meant…

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Review: De Nada Tequila, Blanco and Reposado

By Robert Lublin | March 15, 2022 |

De Nada Tequila is the brainchild of Adam Millman and Danny Neeson, who met while attending Tulane University, realized they shared a love for entrepreneurship and tequila, and set about starting a brand. Considering this origin story, I didn’t have high hopes for De Nada Tequila (lots of us loved tequila in college), but De…

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Review: Penderyn Single Malt Welsh Whisky – Moscatel de Setubal Cask 6 Years Old

By Robert Lublin | March 11, 2022 |

Welsh whisky distillery Penderyn is introducing two exciting, new single barrel whiskies to the U.S. market in very limited quantities with both owing their distinctive character to Portuguese wine casks. The first is 6 years old, aged first in Buffalo Trace Bourbon casks and then finished in Tawny Port casks. Unfortunately, we don’t get to…

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Review: Ferment Brewing Nitro Dry Stout

By Robert Lublin | March 6, 2022 |

A relatively new brewery, Ferment Brewing Company opened in 2018  in Hood River, Oregon. They offer a range of beers in various styles, including ales and lagers. Today we’ll be trying their Nitro Dry Stout, brewed in the tradition of Irish stouts. Ferment also brews an Imperial stout which boasts 11% abv – much heavier…

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Review: Whiskey Del Bac Classic (2022) and Winter Release 2021

By Robert Lublin | February 26, 2022 |

Hamilton Distillers has been making and marketing their distinctive, Arizona based single malt Whiskey Del Bac since 2013, and we had a chance to try three varieties in 2018. Today we revisit the Whiskey Del Bac Classic, which is the only whiskey in their core line that does not use mesquite to roast its barley.…

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Review: Procera Gin

By Robert Lublin | January 25, 2022 |

Distilled in Nairobi, Kenya, Procera harvests botanicals from countries across Africa. Additionally, the base spirit comes from Kenyan sugar cane which grows around Lake Victoria, the source of the Nile River. Altogether, this makes for a distinctively African gin. The most notable ingredient in the gin is the one from which it draws its name,…

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Review: Wines of Salentein and Pyros, 2022 Releases

By Robert Lublin | January 19, 2022 |

Salentein has just released new vintages of its wines grown in the Uco Valley of Mendoza, Argentina. Today we get to try them alongside two wines from the Pyros label, which are also produced by Salentein but are made with Malbec grapes grown in the Pedernal Valley in San Juan. Let’s give them a try.…

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Review: Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey and Rose Gin

By Robert Lublin | January 16, 2022 |

Glendalough is a fascinating Irish distillery that offers a range of products developed with creativity and artistic abandon. Some are fantastic and some miss the mark, but we are always eager to see what they produce next. Today we are trying a new whiskey and gin from the distillery. Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey –…

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Review: Batiste Rhum Silver and Gold

By Robert Lublin | January 7, 2022 |

To start, what is the difference between rum and rhum? Rum is the larger category and includes all distilled spirits that use sugarcane as the source material. Most rums, however, are made by distilling molasses. Rhum is generally short for “rhum agricole” (French for “agricultural rum”) refers exclusively to rums made by distilling fresh juice…

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