Neal Christyson

Life in a Post-Bourbon World: Predicting the Next Big Thing in Booze

By Neal Christyson | May 14, 2017 |

It’s no secret that bourbon has been the It Spirit for a good few years now. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about it is how pretty much no one saw it coming. One needs to only look at the vast amount of supply shortages today to see just how unprepared most of the market was.…

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On Toasts and Irish Whiskey for St. Patrick’s Day

By Neal Christyson | March 17, 2017 |

Life gives us precious few moments for a proper toast anymore. St. Patrick’s Day remains as one of the few times when you stop and hold a room’s attention long enough to actually raise one. Or rather, what I wonder is often the case in my experience, enough time for your friends and family to…

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5 Scotch Whiskies for Celebrating Burns Night

By Neal Christyson | January 24, 2017 |

January 25th is Burns Night: a yearly celebration of the life and words of Scottish poet Robert Burns. Traditionally it is celebrated with a supper full of haggis, speeches, the occasional bagpipe, and of course, Scotch. While any Scotch will work, here’s a look at five whiskies you can use to toast the birthday of…

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