Marty Keeter

Review: Short’s Brewery The Liberator

By Marty Keeter | March 20, 2013 |

Tucked away in a small town in northern Michigan lies Short’s Brewery, a former hardware store turned brewhouse. The Liberator became a 30th birthday present for Joseph Short, the creative mind behind Short’s Brewing Company, which offers here its interesting take on a double IPA. The Liberator’s most surprising feature are the citrus tones that…

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Review: Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

By Marty Keeter | March 15, 2013 |

With Dogfish’s fan loyalty, this Imperial IPA from Dogfish Head can be a challenging bottle to find. The brewing process for this expression in the Dogfish lineup is quite intense, and so goes the flavor and the alcohol content. 120 Minute IPA goes through a unique brewing process that incorporates a massive amount of hops.…

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Review: Bell’s Hopslam Ale

By Marty Keeter | March 4, 2013 |

Each year Bell’s Brewery releases its version of a double IPA, and luckily for everyone the Michigan-based brewery makes an aggressive effort to get its beers out to as many people as possible.  Even some of Bell’s limited beers are not terribly difficult to track down. This year’s Hopslam unleashes beautiful aromas of pine, citrus,…

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Review: Brewery Vivant Brewer’s Reserve Big Red Coq

By Marty Keeter | January 26, 2013 |

It takes confidence to step up to the bar and order a delicious Big Red Coq, a surprisingly hoppy red ale. That’s right, a hoppy red ale. Brewery Vivant’s Brewer’s Reserve Limited Release series is always something to pick up if you see it. A hoppy Belgo-American red ale, Big Red Coq is one of…

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