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Book Review: A Booze & Vinyl Christmas: Merry Music-and-Drink Pairings to Celebrate the Season

By Rob Theakston | August 21, 2023 |

At a previous place of employment, I was tasked with cataloging and reviewing the upcoming season’s wave of holiday albums in the middle of summer. It was a rather mind-numbing assignment, but as the lowest rung on the editorial ladder, it felt like a weird rite of passage. Nearly 15 years later, I find myself…

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Book Review: The Unofficial Big Lebowski Cocktail Book

By Rob Theakston | February 11, 2023 |

As a recently-minted member of the “olds,” it is my solemn duty to maintain a blissful level of ignorance when discussing the zeitgeist of coolness within the entertainment industry. I do not take this responsibility lightly, so I posit the question: Do we need a Lebowski-themed cocktail book in 2023? Has there been a new…

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Book Review: Bar Menu: 100+ Drinking Food Recipes for Cocktail Hours at Home

By Rob Theakston | August 23, 2022 |

For his second book of 2022, Andre Darlington takes a detour from the pleasurable Booze & Vinyl series, taking the dominant focus off making cocktails for a few hundred pages, and examining the possibilities of how higher-end bar food can enhance a proper night in while mixing drinks. Obviously, a few cocktail recipes are included…

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Book Review: Booze & Vinyl 2 and Booze & Vinyl Matching Game

By Rob Theakston | April 1, 2022 |

Sequels are rarely as good as the first installment. However, leading your latest book off with quotes from legendary DJs Cosmo Murphy and John Peel provides a promising sign of good things ahead. Thankfully this is indeed the case with Tenaya and Andre Darlington’s follow-up to their most enjoyable Booze & Vinyl inaugural edition from…

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Book Review: Booze Cruise: A Tour of The World’s Essential Mixed Drinks

By Rob Theakston | March 16, 2021 |

Andre Darlington seems to be on quite a roll. The co-author of one of our favorite drinks books from 2020, Booze & Vinyl, returns in 2021 with Booze Cruise: A Tour of The World’s Essential Mixed Drinks, another 200+ page resource designed to help you find the right cocktail for the right occasion. Equal turns…

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Book Review: Booze and Vinyl

By Christopher Null | January 15, 2020 |

A bar without music is a little like a martini without an olive — doable, but just not the same. In Booze and Vinyl, Andre and Tenaya Darlington don’t just make the case for combining music and drinking, they suggest firing up a listening party that pairs particular cocktails with classic vinyl albums. The idea of…

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Book Review: The New Cocktail Hour

By Christopher Null | October 29, 2016 |

With The New Cocktail Hour, Andre and Tenaya Darlington take a freshness-first approach to the cocktail trade, with the goal of “blurring the line between the bar and the kitchen.” That means: Expect lots of classic cocktails and a smattering of originals that make as much use of fresh fruit, herbs, and homemade syrups as possible.…

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