Review: Remy Martin VSOP and Tercet

Review: Remy Martin VSOP and Tercet

We’re backfilling some forgotten expressions in the Remy Martin Cognac lineup today, with belated reviews of Remy’s VSOP and Tercet expressions. Details follow, along with some opinions.

Remy Martin VSOP – A big blend of eaux de vie from all over Cognac — Grande Champagne, Fine Champagne, and Petite Champagne. A simpler expression of brandy, Remy even suggests you drink it frozen. Served neat, it has the hallmarks of young brandy, a little rough around the edges with a heavy floral note that evokes clean linens, lavender, and a fruity mix of plump apples and plumper raisins. The palate is quite sharp and more than a little rustic, melding those florals with some later-game notes of milk chocolate and a bit more raisin character. Touches of vanilla on the finish help to offset a heavier, duskier perfume quality that turns out to be quite lasting. 80 proof. B / $50 [BUY IT NOW FROM RESERVEBAR]

Remy Martin Tercet – Named for the three masters that craft great Cognac — the wine master, the master distiller, and the cellar master. In the bottle is a blend of Petit Champagne and Grande Champagne eaux de vie, with no formal age designation. The nose immediately tells a much more inviting story than the VSOP, batting away those blunt floral notes in favor of a soothing whiff of chocolate, toasted oak, fresh vanilla bean, and drops of sweet raisin. Aromatic florals emerge with time in glass, but they never dominate, ultimately complementing the sweeter, more decadent elements. On the palate, the Cognac emerges as rich and smoldering — almost creamy. Forceful vanilla and chocolate notes give way in time to touches of coconut — almost like German chocolate cake — and a layer of raspberry. Again, floral elements return in time for the finish, here evoking hibiscus and a note of lilac. Beautifully sultry but complex — and yet almost approachably priced. One of Remy’s best. 84 proof. A / $120

Remy Martin Tercet




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