Review: Ryes of the Robots Extended Cut Rye and Town at the End of Tomorrow Bourbon

Review: Ryes of the Robots Extended Cut Rye and Town at the End of Tomorrow Bourbon

In the overcrowded world of American whiskey, it’s getting harder and harder to grab the consumer’s attention, but Filmland Spirits seems well-positioned to crack that code. The brand has one of the most creative and eye-catching bottle labels in the industry right now, with each offering sporting a B-movie name and a full, pulp-style movie poster to go along. Each expression even includes snippets of script, storyboards, and an animated trailer for those curious enough to visit the brand’s website.

But we all know what matters most is what’s on the inside of the bottle. And Filmland made a respectable debut when it launched in 2022 with a duo of young bourbons and a solid MGP-sourced rye that we had the chance to sample. For 2024, the brand is broadening its portfolio with a pair of somewhat more exotic offerings: a cask strength version of the aforementioned rye and a 9-year-old sourced Kentucky bourbon. Let’s check them out.

Ryes of the Robots Extended Cut Straight Rye Whiskey – When Chris reviewed the proofed down version of this whiskey last year, he enjoyed it but said there were no surprises. The same holds true here for anyone who has experienced a quality, cask strength 95/5 recipe rye. It’s dry and green on the nose with fresh dill and cut grass. A subtle caramel undertone offers a bit of buttery sweetness, but the fresh oak and rye spice notes quickly rein things in. The palate is initially a bit sweeter at full proof with butterscotch and cinnamon sugar showing, but the midpalate shifts gears with clove and dried herbs before acquiescing to oak and rye spice on a warm, spirited finish. A straightforward little rye with the volume turned up. 108 proof. B+ / $85 [BUY IT NOW FROM RESERVEBAR]

Town at the End of Tomorrow Kentucky Bourbon – Filmland’s only non-MGP product stands out from the rest of the franchise with an elegant nose of butterscotch, custard, and peach cobbler that adds some chocolaty barrel char and toasted oak as it opens. Once again, there aren’t any real surprises here, but as sourced Kentucky bourbons go (and there are plenty out there), you could do a whole lot worse. It’s impressively approachable on the palate with early notes of brown sugar, ripe raspberry, and maple candies. The midpalate sees a bit of black pepper and Big Red gum before a warm, easy finish of vanilla fudge and barrel char. 94 proof. A- / $110

Town at the End of Tomorrow Kentucky Bourbon




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