Review: Bernheim Barrel Proof Original Wheat Whiskey Batch A224 (January 2024)

Review: Bernheim Barrel Proof Original Wheat Whiskey Batch A224 (January 2024)

Bernheim Barrel Proof — the high-test version of Heaven Hill’s wheat whiskey — is released twice a year. A224 marks the first release of 2024 and the third release of the whiskey ever. As usual, the whiskey changes little from batch to batch, this one hitting 62.6% abv. The blend is made from a mash of 51% wheat, 37% corn, and 12% malted barley, aged 7 to 9 years.

Maybe my nose is dialed down a bit today, but this expression seems less aggressively sweet than previous bottlings of the Barrel Proof — and the standard release of Bernheim. That classic maple character is part of the equation, but its sugariness is held in check, leaving ample room for more cinnamon, black cherry, and a black pepper note on the nose.

There’s ample heat on the palate — this is quite a bit hotter than last year’s B923 — but it’s manageable. A splash of water doesn’t hurt to temper some of the peppery notes and help coax out stronger notes of red fruit, Asian spices, and more subdued white pepper notes. Time in glass reveals a stronger vanilla character, with notes of coconut, almond nougat, crystalized ginger, and a lingering milk chocolate character. Probably my favorite of the three Bernheim Barrel Proof releases to date — but it’s tough to put too much water in this, so be liberal with your dosage.

125.2 proof.

A- / $65 /

Bernheim Barrel Proof Original Wheat Whiskey Batch B923 (September 2023)




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