Review: Por la Gente Tequila, Complete Lineup

Review: Por la Gente Tequila, Complete Lineup

Made at Hacienda la Capilla — best known for its production of Cuestion tequilas — Por la Gente (“for the people”) is another 100% agave tequila available in the classic three expressions. There’s rather little information about the tequilas available aside from the aging, though Cuestion is made from Highlands agave, as are other Capilla offerings.

Before we get into the reviews, for what it’s worth, I hate the bottles. They’re tough to pour from without spilling quite a bit (unless you hold your glass right up against the mouth of the bottle), and the shape of the cork stopper makes it easy to snap the skin of your finger between the stopper and the glass. Do-over.

All expressions are 80 proof. NOM 1479.

Por la Gente Tequila Blanco – Peppery and herbal on the nose, but also quite pastoral, with notes of cut hay and a hint of the barnyard. For such a savory nose, the tequila surprises with sweetness, notes of caramel and spiced vanilla elements suggesting this has seen some age — though that does not appear to actually be the case. Well-toasted marshmallow, complete with crusty char, informs a lengthy finish. Very unusual for a blanco, but surprisingly (or perhaps not surprisingly) quite drinkable and pleasant. B+ / $43

Por la Gente Tequila Reposado – Aged 6 months in Tennessee whiskey barrels. The time in oak takes the savory nose of the silver and imbues it with some of the sweetness found on the palate, though it’s still laced with undercurrents of green and black pepper. Time in glass helps a basil note come into the fore. The palate is again a combination of sweet and savory, more of a racy Thai basil quality, though as the finish approaches the spirit takes on more of a dusky, toasty character. Peppermint elements eventually build alongside a subtle green curry quality, featuring flecks of white pepper. Surprisingly I found the blanco to be the more effusive, sweeter, and rounded experience. B / $48

Por la Gente Tequila Anejo – We’re told only that this experiences only “prolonged aging” in Tennessee whiskey barrels. Fully sweetened up on the nose, with a distinct peach tea quality and a stronger mint quality evident. Notes of maple and apple peel are countered by a hint of acetone, then camphor. The palate focuses on coconut and sesame notes, a creamy brown butter quality intriguingly enhanced by Indian spices. Those spice notes endure on the finish, which is sunny and gently curried, fading out with a cinnamon kicker. Unusual through and through, but as with the other tequilas in the Por la Gente lineup, worth a look. B+ / $57

Por la Gente Tequila Anejo




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