Review: 2021 Rombauer Zinfandel California

Review: 2021 Rombauer Zinfandel California

It’s always a pleasure to try a new vintage from Rombauer, and this year’s Zinfandel release is typical for the winery in that it is, again, atypical for a California Zin.

The nose hits with big notes of plum, mocha, cola, and just a trace of tobacco. The palate is a bit different: mocha with lovely milk chocolate and cherry cola, and the wine has a big, heavy, enjoyable mouthfeel. Some of this weight is due to the high alcohol content, clocking in again at a brazen 15.9% abv, but there is absolutely no booziness to be found on the palate. It is entirely hidden beneath the fruit, which makes the wine dangerous and dangerously drinkable. There is medium acidity, and the finish is long, bringing with it a light cranberry note. Zinfandels are often a great wine for summer grilling, but this one seems better suited to the colder months.

A- / $38

2021 Rombauer Zinfandel California




Robert Lublin teaches whisk(e)y and wine appreciation classes for Arlington Community Education, near Boston, MA. He is also a Professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston and has published books and articles on Shakespeare as well as theatre and film history.

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