Review: 1953 Tequila

Review: 1953 Tequila

1953 is a new tequila brand with a single expression — anejo. The tequila is “an ultra-premium, additive free anejo founded, farmed, distilled, and led by women.” To that end, the name of the product marks the year that women gained the right to vote in Mexico.

Founders and friends Shivam Mallick Shah, Lindsey Davis Stover and Alison Kiehl Friedman came together in search of a consciously crafted, ultra-premium tequila. Together, they sought partners in Mexico who applied the finest craftsmanship utilizing the region’s traditional methods to make a luxurious tequila without additives, and who shared in their commitment to providing opportunities for other women in the male-dominated tequila industry. Moving forward with an acclaimed, family-owned distillery, the 1953 Tequila team developed a smooth sipping tequila perfect for gathering friends to share old stories and celebrating life’s many milestones. Proud to shine a spotlight on a time-honored spirit, 1953 Tequila works with a highly experienced and talented team, including:
• Four sisters who, with the founding of 1953 Tequila, stepped up to run an agave farm previously passed down from father to son for generations;
• Rocio Rodriguez, a master distiller who uses her degree in chemical engineering to meld science and tradition to craft a wholly authentic, natural spirit to savor; and
• Adriana Lopez, who carries on her family’s tradition of making fine tequila and owns the unionized distillery that produces 1953 Tequila.

As for the product, it is made from 100% Highlands agave, aged 15 months in American oak bourbon barrels. The bottle is certainly a standout, though we only received a small tasting sample for our review. Which begins… now.

Fans of sweeter anejos will find plenty to enjoy here; this drinks a lot like many an extra anejo, to be honest. On the nose, immediate notes of vanilla pop, lightly dusted with cinnamon and milk chocolate, creating a Mexican chocolate vibe. There’s more of a hint of the underlying agave on the palate, but it’s really just that — a peppery punch that dissipates as the sweeter elements continue to build. Again, bold vanilla notes dominate, but secondary elements of coconut, caramel sauce, and some peanut brittle come into focus soon enough. Enduringly sweet on the finish — perhaps overly so — with cotton candy lingering. A rich selection for dessert, but I like a little more nuance in my anejo, particularly at this price.

80 proof.


1953 Tequila




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  1. Timothy Martin on March 28, 2024 at 7:45 am

    Outstanding flavor

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