Review: Mash & Mallow S’mores Whiskey

Review: Mash & Mallow S’mores Whiskey

Mash & Mallow looks on the surface like any old industrial flavored booze product, right? I mean… s’mores whiskey? Come on.

Turns out the product is made by none other than Kaveh Zamanian, the man behind Rabbit Hole Bourbon and no slouch when it comes to quality spirits. So maybe there’s something to this after all? Maybe?

The product starts with a whiskey made from 97% corn and 3% rye — no age statement but it’s surely young stuff. Flavored with natural flavors, with caramel color included.

Let’s light the campfire and give it a whirl.

Well, it certainly smells like s’mores: burnt brown sugar and graham cracker notes dominate; though chocolate isn’t particularly evident, drowned out by a more immersive vanilla note. The palate is as overwhelming with sweetness as you might expect — though I really mean it’s a mere 8 out 10 on the cloying scale. The s’moresness of the palate is less distinct, coming across more like it might be some kind of new Girl Scout cookie flavor and less like a campfire treat, though it’s stuffed with vanilla and candylike marshmallow notes, not to mention elements of sweetened coconut and a curious fruitiness, strawberry-adjacent, that slowly dissipates in glass. It’s honestly not bad for a (heavily) flavored whiskey, but it’s not the kind of thing I — or most Drinkhacker readers — would probably ever gravitate to.

Speaking of whiskey, there’s a hint of the underlying spirit here — a little popcorn and peanut in the mix — but not much, the finished product feeling every bit like it will mostly be served to giddy college kids, served directly from shot glasses topped with Reddi-wip. Who are probably not allowed to use their hands to consume it.

Products like this are difficult to properly rate. Does it achieve what it wants to achieve? Yes. Does that make it delicious? Well, not really. Do I hate myself for having written any of this? Not at all.

But I am ready for a beer.

70 proof.

B- / $32 /

Mash & Mallow S'mores Whiskey




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