Review: Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond 8 Years Old Fall 2023 Edition

Review: Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond 8 Years Old Fall 2023 Edition

We said it last time around with the very delayed Spring 2023 edition of Old Fitz, but we’ll say it again: We’re not late on this “Fall 2023” release, even though you’re reading this in February 2024. To clarify: This second edition of Old Fitzgerald’s bottled-in-bond release from 2023 was announced around November and didn’t arrive on our steps until January 2024. Hey, what does “fall” mean these days, anyway? Climate change, amirite?

Tied with Spring 2021 for the youngest release in the bonded Old Fitzgerald library to date, this wheated whiskey is 8 years old, distilled in the fall of 2015.

No huge surprises here, with a nose of fresh peanuts, well-integrated and slightly leathery barrel notes, and a growing essence of caramel corn. Lightly herbal as it develops in glass, the whiskey ably mixes a perfumed quality with a friendly cookie character. On the palate I didn’t find a lot of variance from the nose, with sultry smooth peanut butter notes dominating with a side of vanilla cookies and milk chocolate. Touches of fruit here — just a little maraschino cherry and some strawberry — moving from there into a lightly charred, vaguely peppery finish. Solid and engaging from start to finish.

There’s plenty in common here with many a prior Old Fitz — though my tasting notes from the last 8 year old bottling are rather divergent, with the Fall 2023 expression lacking any sense of greenery or grassiness. Which one’s the anomaly? We’ll have to wait for a third 8 year old expression to find out, I guess.

100 proof.

A- / $110

Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond 8 Years Old Fall 2023 Edition




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