Review: Kylie 0% Sparkling Rose

Review: Kylie 0% Sparkling Rose

So I didn’t even know that songstress Kylie Minogue had a wine operation — and now it’s expanding into the burgeoning non-alcoholic space with the launch of Kylie 0% Sparkling Rosé Wine, its first in the U.S. market.

Some winemaking details:

Kylie 0% Sparkling Rosé Wine Alternative uses a unique fermentation process that reduces sugars by up to 30%, generates no alcohol, yet delivers all the subtle flavors and characteristics of a traditionally fermented wine produced with organic premium European grapes and green tea from the southwest mountains of China. Kylie Minogue’s 0% Sparkling Rosé Wine Alternative’s unique fermentation process enables the development of flavors and acidity found in traditional wine without generating any alcohol.

The flavorful product can be attributed to the meticulous sourcing and the incorporation of green tea into the blend; the tea leaves are hand-plucked – one bud and two leaves at a time – brewed into a strong infusion and added to the grape ferment. This creative process results in a full mouthfeel and lingering finish, rounded off with dried tannins to present a complex and finely balanced Sparkling Rosé, minus the alcohol – with only 25 calories per 4 oz. serving. It’s also vegan and vegetarian certified.

Green tea in the wine, eh? (And carrot extract for color.) Well, I like to think I’m open minded… let’s dig in.

The wine is certainly on the sweet side, but not overwhelming with sugar. There’s a touch of sourness that evokes many a rose, helping to temper some of the bright but wholly appropriate notes of red apple, mandarin orange, and pineapple. If there’s green tea here, it’s present in the form of a general floral character that’s more akin to orange blossoms. The finish is peachy, with overtones of vanilla custard.

It’s not mind-blowing in complexity, but it’s definitely a worthwhile option in the NA space — particularly at this price point.

B+ / $15 /

Kylie 0% Sparkling Rose




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