Review: High Camp Parkside Flask

Review: High Camp Parkside Flask

I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve reviewed High Camp’s luxe flasks, but I don’t see much reason to stop, seeing as it keeps cranking out new products. The Parkside Flask is a big one — 750ml in size — which might clue you in to its intended purpose: Filling it up with wine.

The handsome, powder-coated canister (available in four colors) is about the size and shape of a bottle of wine, complete with a narrow neck and a metal stopper that vaguely evokes a cork. The stainless steel, vacuum-insulated design promises 24 hours of insulation time (while keeping the outside of the flask from icing over). That claim might be a slight overstretch, but not by much. You also get two included metal cups, each appropriate in size for a glass of vino, which cling magnetically to either end of the flask in classic High Camp fashion. The included microfiber sleeve can be used to clean out the cups when you’re done with your pinot for the day until you get a chance to wash them with soap.

The Parkside may make for tougher clean-up than other High Camp offerings, thanks to the narrow neck and the lack of a removable undercarriage. Those concerned with eliminating any trace of residue may need to invest in a long, narrow brush to help things along. It’s also not a great choice if you want to use it for something other than wine, namely because you can’t really get ice down the neck. It also takes several days to fully dry after cleaning.

While less versatile than many of High Camp’s other products, this is still a beautifully machined — and beautiful — flask that stands near the pinnacle of the category.

A- / $125 /

High Camp Parkside Flask




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