Review: Pollinator Crimson Amaro

Review: Pollinator Crimson Amaro

New York’s Pollinator Spirits is the company behind Crimson Amaro, a Campari-like offering that is made entirely with ingredients grown in the state. The product starts with Pollinator’s own vodka — made from local corn and wildflower honey (hence “Pollinator”), and infused with a “secret blend of more than 15 botanicals, among them juniper, wormwood, sage, angelica, gentian and orris – and naturally colored with cochineal.”

Crimson is certainly a lighter style of red amari, its nose significantly less better and more sweet, with notes of macerated berries prominent. The palate is again quite mild  — as mild as any of these types of amari I’ve encountered — offering a mix of rhubarb, cherry, and raspberry in about equal proportions. Light notes of anise, dark chocolate, and bitter orange peel emerge with time in glass, making for a spirit that drinks quite nicely on its own with a cube of ice.

That said, it lacks the more bracing bitterness of Campari and its closer analogues, which can shift expectations if you’re looking for a tighter Negroni, etc. Hibiscus and brown sugar florals give the finish an even sweeter texture which, again, rewards solo sipping.

48 proof.

B+ / $45 /

Pollinator Crimson Amaro




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