Review: Filibuster Dual Cask Rye

Review: Filibuster Dual Cask Rye

Filibuster Distillery, located in Maurertown, Virginia, has made it their signature process to age whiskey in more than one cask, often to amazing effect. Their Filibuster Dual Cask Rye, accordingly, starts in new American oak and then is finished in French oak barrels. When the rye was first released, it was sourced whiskey, but now Filibuster distills and bottles it themselves, using a mash that is 80% rye, with the rest comprised of corn, wheat, and malted barley. The whiskey comes without an age statement, but I was told it is at least 4 years old, though it isn’t clear how much of that time is spent in French oak, and it is bottled at a respectable 90 proof. Let’s open it up and give it a try.

The nose opens slightly sweet, with punchy rye rounded off by baking spices, caramel, and a touch of black pepper. The palate, however, is quite different and starts with a big, spicy rye bite. Black pepper and alcohol-driven heat follow. Vanilla appears midpalate along with some butter and a touch of caramel, and then an herbal note appears for the medium length finish. This drinks a bit hotter than it should at 45% abv, and it isn’t as rounded as I’d like, but its spicy, assertive kick made it work quite well in a Manhattan and would help it serve very nicely in other cocktails that call for a bold rye.

90 proof.

B / $50 /

Filibuster Dual Cask Rye




Robert Lublin teaches whisk(e)y and wine appreciation classes for Arlington Community Education, near Boston, MA. He is also a Professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston and has published books and articles on Shakespeare as well as theatre and film history.

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