Review: Booker’s Bourbon “Mighty Fine Batch” 2023-03

Review: Booker’s Bourbon “Mighty Fine Batch” 2023-03

Finally catching up with the final Booker’s Bourbon release for 2023, complete with a new and increasingly “we’re out of names” moniker: “Mighty Fine Batch.”

This batch is named in honor of Booker Noe’s signature phrase he’d use to compliment anything he approved of – from his namesake bourbon to his country ham. If you knew Booker, then you knew “mighty fine” was his go-to phrase. Right before Booker passed away, Fred Noe selected barrels for a Booker’s Batch for the very first time. After tasting it, Booker looked at him and said, “Mighty fine job, son,” making it a moment Fred will never forget.

Bottled at 7 years, 1 month, and 10 days old, it’s right in line age-wise with 2023-02, but it cuts a somewhat different profile in glass.

Immediately enchanting on the nose, the whiskey is sweeter than the usual Booker’s release, with notes of sweet tea and peach rings, lightening up the standard complement of charred wood, toasted brioche, and vanilla syrup, all of which set the stage with appropriate bourbony expectations. The palate sees an immediate pop of butterscotch plus ample vanilla, and it doesn’t feel overly hot even at full strength. Chewy caramel and just a bit of apple making things feel like Halloween sipping is in order — and had I had the chance to review this upon release, perhaps that would have worked out. A final punch of peanut — inevitable, I’d think — clings to the palate on the lengthy, warming finish.

David noted the sweeter overtures of 2023-02 in his review of that whiskey, though the heavier fruit notes in the prior release are largely absent here. Water really just pushes the vanilla and peanut agenda further while tempering the not insignificant heat. Experiment with adding it sparingly; I think it’s a delight either way.

126.6 proof.

A / $90 /

Booker's Bourbon “Mighty Fine Batch” 2023-03




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