Review: Vina Leyda Pinot Noir – 2022 Reserva and 2021 Coastal Vineyards Las Brisas

Review: Vina Leyda Pinot Noir – 2022 Reserva and 2021 Coastal Vineyards Las Brisas

Chile’s Vina Leyda carries a reputation for making engaging wines aided by the cool climate and Pacific coastline less than five kilometers from the vineyard. We’ve previously enjoyed their lively Sauvignon Blancs and now we turn our attention to two pinot noirs, each with distinct flavor profiles.

2022 Vina Leyda Reserva Pinot Noir – A straightforward, no-frills Pinot big on red fruit, with a core of cherry and cranberry accompanied by notes of toasted oak and leather. Giving this a generous amount of time to find some balance is a good idea, as it is rather unsteady on the first few approaches. Once settled, it pairs delightfully with a hearty dish of Bolognese pappardelle or (if vegetarian) a well-roasted butternut squash. B / $15

2022 Vina Leyda Coastal Vineyards Las Brisas Pinot Noir – Harvested from one of Leyda’s coveted sites closest to the coast, this is a big and juicy pinot with a classic profile of raspberry and cherry tempered with light notes of orange zest and cranberry on the nose. The palate keeps the red fruit flowing but earthy, vegetal notes of mushroom and balsamic cut their way through, adding nuances of complexity. The finish adds a touch of white pepper and thyme to the equation, lingering for a bit longer than necessary. Engaging from start to finish, though I imagine storing this away for a year or so would afford this time to truly shine. B+ / $20

2022 Vina Leyda Reserva Pinot Noir




Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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