Review: La Maison & Velier Transcontinental Rum Line, 2023 Single Casks

Review: La Maison & Velier Transcontinental Rum Line, 2023 Single Casks

La Maison & Velier — also known as La Maison du Whisky — recently launched a new series of rums called the Transcontinental Rum Line (aka TCRL). Complete with maritime labels, this line is “inspired by the historical journeys of rum barrels between the New World and the Old Continent,” and includes releases from all over the place. Today we are looking at some of the line’s most prized offerings — a collection of single cask releases that are often available only in certain regions. We received a collection of small samples of six rums from the TCRL. Let’s see how they fare.

All are 700ml bottles. The final three have not all been released; we’ll update pricing if/when we get it.

Transcontinental Rum Line Single Cask Venezuela 2008 – Aged 10 years in ex-bourbon barrels in Venezuela, then 3 years in Europe. 212 bottles produced. A powerhouse on the nose, featuring overtones of dark brewed coffee and lightly smoky barrel char. Chewy sweetness on the palate runs to fig jam, maple, and crushed cocktail cherries, and a little milk chocolate. More coffee and a sucker punch of figs on the finish. Really amazing stuff, and wholly approachable at full proof; never got the chance to try it with water. 124.4 proof. A / $100

Transcontinental Rum Line Single Cask Jamaica 2012 – No additional production information available. Classic, aggressive pot distillate, with that big hogo nose and a mountain of overripe fruit to push through — torched pineapple and lime leaf in a swirl. The palate is less sweet than the nose would lead you to believe, showing relatively subdued fruit and some rhubarb jam paired with caramel syrup and toasted marshmallow notes. Light, slightly dusty hogo on the finish. Compare to some of the recent, extra-aged Appleton releases. 110 proof. A- / $100

Transcontinental Rum Line Single Cask El Salvador 2007 – Aged in El Salvador for 10 1/2 years, then in Europe for 3 1/3 years. 230 bottles produced. Salvadorean rum is something of a rarity, though not unknown around here. Muted nose, with notes of pepper and char dominant. With time in glass, the aromatics become lightly nutty, with coffee elements building. The palate doesn’t feel like it says a lot, but it does drive its message home with focused notes of raisin, baking spice, and some lingering potpourri on the finish. Unassuming and surprisingly harmless for this abv. 127.8 proof. B+ / $140

Transcontinental Rum Line Single Cask Australia 2007 – Aged in ex-bourbon casks in Australia for 10 years, then 5 more in Europe. 250 bottles produced. Funky, and quite powerful, with a vegetal edge on the nose — slightly weedy at times. A fairly savory experience on the palate, the hogo is thick with this one, tempering notes of prune and dark chocolate. More greenery arrives on the finish, alongside some mildly astringent, heady camphor notes. For adventurers only. 131.4 proof. B / $NA

Transcontinental Rum Line Single Cask Barbados 2011 – Aged in Barbados for 8 years, 3 years in Europe, all ex-bourbon barrels. 260 bottles produced. Classic, fruity profile, with aromas of spiced apples, coconut, and ample vanilla — with overtones of cafe au lait. Bursting with flavor, it almost comes across like a spiced rum, with a particularly lingering milk chocolate note. 139.6 proof. A- / $NA

Transcontinental Rum Line Single Cask Guyana 2014 – Aged in Europe for 8 years in refill rum casks. 240 bottles produced. Aggressive maple syrup and vanilla notes on the nose, with a slightly saccharine Brach’s candy character. The aroma alone is almost too much, and the palate is similarly overblown, with notes of wood polish mixing fitfully with notes of butterscotch, dates, and more maple. A biting petrol character lingers. 117.6 proof. B- / $NA

Transcontinental Rum Line Single Cask Venezuela 2008




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