Gambler’s Treat: Ideas of Prestigious Scotches You Can Gift Yourself After Cashing Out on Your Casino Wins

Gambler’s Treat: Ideas of Prestigious Scotches You Can Gift Yourself After Cashing Out on Your Casino Wins


You must be living right because it happened. You beat the spread, drew that ace on the river, or just picked the right longshot. Or maybe you were just smart and found the right online casino with a high average return to player. Now you’re flush with a little — or hopefully a lot — of walking around money, and it’s time to celebrate. Any old whisky won’t do. Try these Scotches instead, depending on how big your payout was.

Port Charlotte 10 Years Old

A little smoky. A little sweet. A lot to savor. This flagship bottling from Port Charlotte is a bonified sipper with a respectable age statement and a more than respectable price tag, leaving you a little something else to wager.

The Balvenie 14 Years Old

If you’re not into smoke, but still don’t want to let all your winnings ride on one bottle, this Caribbean rum cask-finished single malt from The Balvenie should do the trick. Toffee and dark fruits on the nose lead to a palate of malt and molasses with just a hint of lemony citrus. You may need two bottles.

The GlenDronach 15 Years Old

An even more elegant Highland sipper, this mid-range offering from GlenDronach is well worth a little bit more of your winnings. Aged in oloroso and Pedro Ximenez sherry, it’s full of almond and fruit cake notes with a slight citrus edge and a long, sherried finish.

The Macallan 18 Years Old Sherry Oak

If sherry-aged single malt is really your preference, you should probably just go ahead and shell out for the quintessential celebratory sherry bomb. If you really scored big, splurge on the 25-year-old or even older, but the 18-year-old won’t disappoint with its big, bold mix of orange oil and roasted nuts. Plus, with such a recognizable name, it’s sure to impress even your vodka drinking friends.

Glen Grant 21 Years Old

Heavy wine finishes aren’t every winner’s cup of tea (or whisky), so if you still want something at a dignified age with a little less of the dark fruits, look to this bottle. While there’s still some oloroso-aged whisky in the mix, the ex-bourbon aging dominates. Notes of warm apple pie on the nose give way to an even fruitier palate showcasing pineapple and coconut cream before a long, well-spiced finish of vanilla and dark raisins.

Bowmore 25 Years Old

There are lots of top shelf 25-year-old single malts on the market, but few offer the balance and refinement of this oldie from Bowmore. The mix of dark fruit notes, ashy smoke, and creamy chocolate make this one an ideal splurge, especially if you’re pairing it with a fine cigar.

Laphroaig 30 Years Old

25-year-old Laphroaig is a smoky treat, as well, but if your chip stack is tall enough, shell out for the rarer 30-year-old expression aged entirely in oloroso sherry casks. It’s intensely nutty with notes of leather and tea and a smoldering smoky profile that bursts with spice and fruit. The pocket aces of Islay single malt.

The Dalmore 40 Years Old

Now we’re moving into the stratosphere of show-off single malts. A really big score deserves a really big bottle, and few are bigger than this stunner from The Dalmore. Soft on the nose but rich and elegant on the palate with chocolate-covered cherry, tropical fruits, and warm, roasted nuts. It tastes expensive, and it is.

Talisker Forests of the Deep 44 Years Old

But perhaps you’d like a little smoke and caviar with all that liquid gold. You could look to Islay for a few coastal heavy hitters, but why not break the mold with another uber rare Island single malt. Limited to 107 bottles in the U.S., this Talisker is the second oldest ever bottled and shows off with a perfect mix of fruit and bonfire smoke, all wrapped in seaweed and sprinkled with sea salt. Pair it with the most expensive sushi you’ve ever had and feel like a friggin’ king.

Glenfiddich 50 Years Old

Something aged half a century is going to set you back. Waaay back. If you’re looking to tango with the highest end whisky drinkers but don’t feel like waiting for the next auction, run down this bottle. It’s an experience as exhilarating as raking in that giant pot. Even at 50 years old it’s brimming with bright fruit on the nose and silky coconut cream and crème brulee on the palate. And the finish? It tastes like money. Lots of it.

With a little luck and the right online game, your home whisky bar could look better than most high-end casinos. Good luck!

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