Review: 2020 Domaine Bousquet Ameri Organic Malbec and Red Blend

Review: 2020 Domaine Bousquet Ameri Organic Malbec and Red Blend

We’ve enjoyed more than a fair share of vintages from Argentina’s Domaine Bousquet in the last few years, all with different price points and various nuances separating them from one another. This time around we are taking a brief look at two offerings from its higher-end Ameri line: a red blend and a 100% Malbec.

Named in honor of Labid al Ameri, co-owner of Domaine Bousquet, Ameri doesn’t focus on the notion of a “single vineyard,” but rather on distinct clusters and is only released when vintages in these clusters are considered the highest quality. The clusters are situated at an elevation of 4125 feet, this certified organic vineyard is the highest on the estate, nestled in Gualtallary in the Andean foothills. It benefits from near-constant intense daytime sunlight and significant day-to-night temperature variations. The combination results in fruit characterized by heightened levels of sugar, acidity, flavor, and aromatics.

2020 Domaine Bousquet Ameri Organic Malbec – A 100% Malbec big with dark notes of violet, blackberry and dark chocolate. As it develops in the glass the core sweetness remains but eventually makes room to showcase earthy notes of tobacco, pepper and leather. A faint, light oak note appears on the brooding finish full of dark fruit and spice. However, the oak never overstays its welcome, accentuating rather than distorting how well-balanced this Malbec is from start to finish. I had high hopes this would rival the excellent 2019 vintage, and it certainly did not disappoint. The complexity is in full effect from start to finish, and spending time with this bottle is a worthwhile, and highly pleasurable, endeavor. A- / $37

2020 Domaine Bousquet Ameri Organic Red Blend – A blend of 60% Malbec, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Syrah, and 10% Merlot. Well-balanced with a core of black currant, raspberry and raisin throughout unfolding into layers of dark chocolate and tobacco leaf on the finish. The acidity and tannins never overpower and frame things nicely throughout. It pairs quite well with a thick steak cooked to your liking, or a grilled portobello mushroom if red meat isn’t your sort of thing. B+ / $37

2020 Domaine Bousquet Ameri Organic Malbec




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