Review: 2017 The One in a Million Petit Verdot

Review: 2017 The One in a Million Petit Verdot

Opting for a debut wine release centered around 100% Petit Verdot is a bold move. It imbues confidence and trust in one’s winemaking prowess, and underscores exceptional quality in vineyard selection. But nothing about this situation feels ordinary, even before uncorking. From the sleek label design to the bespoke packaging that rivals some of the most elegant, understated single malt whiskies in the unicorn category, the stage feels set for a special occasion. This is exactly the aim and ambition of the people behind The One A Million (TOIAM).

Second-generation winemaker Greta Montgomery, with decades of business acumen on her CV, has set out to make TOIAM stand out amongst an already rather busy Napa market, and opting for a Rutherford Valley grape frequently used to accentuate color and flavor in blends certainly serves the task. Working in collaboration with veterans Aaron Pott and Miller Bundy, Montgomery oversaw countless details from start to finish throughout the process. Going for a 100% Petit Verdot from Napa on the first roll of the dice is certainly inspired. But how does it taste? Let’s dive in and explore if the odds are truly in its favor.

On the first pass out of the bottle, this is robust and assertive. It may prove off-putting and needs about 20-30 minutes of rest in the glass to find its footing. Patience is rewarded courtesy of a delightful balance of blackberry, cocoa, and baking spice working together in tight harmony. With excellent structure and gentle tannins, the palate gracefully oscillates between dark chocolate and plum with a slight nuance of clove and pepper toward the finish. And now I’d like to say a few words about that finish: It’s lengthy and lingers in good measure, but this is one where I simply did not want it to end, as the spice notes carry forward and meet with a delightful encore of blackberry with light hints of violet. I couldn’t get enough of this.

From barrel and grape selection to label design and packaging, it is highly evident no expense was spared, and no stone was left unturned in fulfilling Montgomery’s vision. It’s appropriately aged and ready for immediate enjoyment. This is a wine certainly suited for elevating special holiday occasions, and more than up to the task of providing a quality experience. It will have the staunch wine snob in your entourage wishing to explore deeper, and the casual drinker impressed at qualities that make this stand out from more readily available choices.

A / $350 /

2017 The One in a Million Petit Verdot




Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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