Review: Tempus Fugit Cherries

Review: Tempus Fugit Cherries

As discussed in our in-depth roundup of cocktail cherries, “brandied cherries” are often a misnomer. Almost all cocktail cherries, even the high-end ones, are stored in syrup or juice (or some combination thereof), with no booze at all in the jar.

Tempus Fugit, best known for its intense liqueurs, is one of the exceptions. This new line of cherries soaks up a slurry of spiced cane sugar syrup, cherry juice, and a small amount of Kirsch, which brings the abv of the jar up to 12%.

The finished product is a big jar (14.6 oz.) packed tight with small, stemless cherries. Quite sour and with a snappy outer skin, the dense cherries soak up that Kirsch, giving each an unmistakable bite and booziness. Include a little syrup from the jar in your libation if you’d like a slightly sweeter cherry experience — which I would definitely recommend.

Luxardo remains my favorite cherry brand, but these are a nice alternative, especially if you want a more authentic, brandied experience. Smaller jars are also available.

A- / $20 per 415g jar ($4.82/100 grams) / [BUY IT NOW FROM AMAZON]

Tempus Fugit Cherries




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