Review: Yeti Rambler Cocktail Shaker

Review: Yeti Rambler Cocktail Shaker

Yeti continues to expand into the backyard bar space with its newest product, the Rambler Cocktail Shaker. Earlier this year, we test drove the Rambler Beverage Bucket, a straightforward yet impressively capable mini cooler of sorts, but moving into the cocktail gear space feels like a new frontier for the brand. How does Yeti’s trademark overengineering translate in this most essential of barware? Let’s find out.

Yeti’s cobbler-style shaker is a classic design with a cap and built-in strainer and comes in a rainbow of colors, like other Yeti Rambler products, for that added bit of personalization at your next boozy picnic. At 20 oz., it’s a bit bigger than the popular Japanese style shaker but smaller than the common 28 oz. model (which I’ve always found too large, anyway). The cap is a standard 1 oz. size in case you prefer to leave the jigger at home. Everything is made from dishwasher safe, kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel, so like all other Yeti products, this thing can go pretty much anywhere.

In addition to being rugged, this shaker also takes advantage of other Yeti design elements. Billed as leak-resistant, the seal between the tin and cap boasts the same rubberized gasket found in the Magslider Rambler lids, making it nearly impossible to accidently lose any of your precious cocktail even with the most aggressive shake. The No Sweat design is also a game changer for cocktail slingers, as the Rambler won’t perspire or freeze your hand no matter how icy you make your drinks.

True to its marketing, Yeti’s cocktail shaker might be too efficient for some bartending traditionalists. While the patented double-wall insulation keeps your hand room temp, it also keeps your ice frozen, interfering a bit with dilution. Lots of cocktail recipes take the inevitable addition of meltwater into account, but with the Rambler Shaker, you may need to allow for slightly less. That said, the vast majority of outdoor cocktail partyers will likely never notice this, and true bartending purists are probably using a Boston shaker, anyway.


Yeti Rambler Cocktail Shaker




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