Review: Amante 1530 Amaro

Review: Amante 1530 Amaro

New amaro Amante 1530 is billed as “an innovative twist on an old classic,” but when you get down to it, it’s a lot closer to one familiar standby than you’d think. Boasting Sting and Trudie Styler as investors, this Aperol clone is flavored with Italian orange, ginger, and honeysuckle, and it carries the familiar orange hue that screams for mixing into a Spritz.

The results are initially familiar, with a nose redolent with orange peel and a light herbal character that feels closer to gentian than ginger. While the spirit boasts of being lower in sugar than its competitors, it smells sweet — and it tastes that way, too. The initial rush on the palate is reminiscent of Hi-C, with sweetened tangerine and candied orange notes dominant. Secondary elements of brewed tea and sage add some nuance, but both are light and indistinct. The amaro’s bitterness comes into focus in short order, though it’s moderated and fairly mild in comparison to other orange-driven aperitivi. I could have used quite a bit more, in fact, in order to help keep this spirit from dipping into triple sec territory, at least up top.

As it stands, this makes a credible Aperol alternative, but it’s not one that meaningfully improves on the original formula.

30 proof.

B / $35 /

Amante 1530 Amaro




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