Review: Convite Mezcal Una’

Review: Convite Mezcal Una’

Convite makes a range of high-grade mezcals, but with Una’ — yes, with an apostrophe at the end; the term means “woman” in Zapotec — it’s on to something with a twist. It’s produced with espadin agave but colored a light shade of pink (with cochineal tint) in order to give it a thematic alignment of honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month each October. Importer Hotaling & Co. donates 10 percent of the sale of each bottle to Mexican breast cancer charity Fundación de Cáncer de Mama, “the first and only private non-profit institution in Mexico and Latin America that offers comprehensive treatment and specialized follow-up of breast cancer.”

The pink hue doesn’t add any real flavor, but it does mess with your mind a bit, tricking you into smelling and tasting floral and strawberry notes amidst the dusky smokiness. Either way — close your eyes — it’s a very light and approachable expression of mezcal, offering a gentle aromatic profile of slowly smoldering mesquite, toasted coconut, and fresh hay. Lemon-orange notes, both candied, are evident, and I swear I’m not imagining the strawberries.

The palate sticks close to the aromatic theme, a blend of gentle smoke with floral and berry-driven fruit all in a swirl. Quite rounded on the palate, after the smokiness wanes you’re left with an almost chewy strawberries and cream quality that is as soft as could be, finishing with a light sweetness and a pinch of fresh rose petals. It’s all just so very, very pretty — to drink and to look at. All told, this mezcal seems tailor-made for cocktails like mezcal-based margaritas and palomas, where its inherent sweetness can work wonders with other vibrant, refreshing ingredients. And the pink hue, too.

80 proof. NOM-O231X. Reviewed: Batch #DCG010.


Convite Mezcal Una'




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