Review: Patron El Cielo Tequila

Review: Patron El Cielo Tequila

Patron’s latest ultra-luxe tequila launch is El Cielo, a silver tequila that stakes its claim that it is “the first four-times distilled prestige tequila on the market.” There’s not much more of a twist on the theme than that, so let’s just dive into the tasting.

Slightly yellow in hue, but only faintly. The nose is quite clean, as you’d both expect and hope. Those looking for the bolder, more vegetal and peppery notes of pungent agave won’t find them here, replaced largely by notes of lemon, some mint, and a rosemary- and sage-like character that is for the most part agave-adjacent. This isn’t so mild that you could mistake it for vodka instead of tequila — it’s too herbaceous for that — but it’s understandable why Patron is pushing an El Cielo Martini recipe with the product.

On the palate, expectations are largely met: Some citrus, some herbs, and some sweetness that gives the tequila a certain chewy quality. A lick of vanilla works with the lemon curd qualities in the mix, which along with the touch of color suggests some level of aging — although Patron does not cop to any. I certainly don’t mind it, but found the tequila taking on a lightly nutty quality over time, perhaps coconut in tone, as it builds toward the finish. Crisp, more lemon, but not at all “bracing” in the way a typical blanco can be.

It’s absolutely enjoyable solo and plenty versatile for just about any tequila-based cocktail you can imagine — though the $129 price tag may have you guarding it for only the most special of occasions.

80 proof. NOM 1492.


Patron El Cielo Tequila




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