Review: Social Hour Dickel Bourbon Smash

Review: Social Hour Dickel Bourbon Smash

Social Hour is back with another canned cocktail made with high-end ingredients. Like its previous Harvest Whiskey Sour, the new Dickel Bourbon Smash is made with age-statemented George Dickel Tennessee whiskey, this time 8 years old instead of the monster 13 year old last time around.

This “slow-sipping” bourbon cocktail is described as “a classic mint julep meets a whiskey sour,” with Meyer lemon and muddled mint in the mix. A 250ml can carries three (official) servings.

Like the Whiskey Sour expression, this is an ultra-premium canned cocktail that has few competitors in the market. Beautifully balanced among its fruit, mint, and vanilla-laced whiskey elements, this feels like a handmade cocktail that is indeed hard to put down once you start sipping on it. The mint takes on a basil-like tone on the finish, the tart lemon note working with the vanilla in the whiskey to create a cohesive, enveloping quality that almost feels creamy, as if some egg white has been added to the drink. (It hasn’t.) Spices that evoke cinnamon and cardamom — neither of which are mentioned in the recipe — give the finish something of a chai tea character, laced with spearmint.

It’s great stuff, hard to put down, and dangerous if you decide to down the whole can. We’ll keep reviewing these as they launch, but here’s the pro tip: If you happen see a Social Hour product on the shelves — because they are both seasonal and very hard to find — buy it.

20% abv.

A / $28 per four-pack of 250ml cans /

Social Hour Dickel Bourbon Smash




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