Review: Westward Whiskey Two Malts Rye (2023)

Review: Westward Whiskey Two Malts Rye (2023)

Last fall we sampled our first special release from Westward’s Whiskey Club, an elaborate single malt that showcased a variety of elements unique to the distillery’s home in the Pacific Northwest. For its second club release of 2023, Westward continues to focus on provenance with the re-release if its Two Malts Rye, part of the innovative “Two Malts” series showcasing regional grains. A bit more on this one from the folks at Westward:

Distilled in July, 2018, Two Malts Rye (2023) features a mash bill of 12% malted rye and 88% Pacific Northwest grown and malted barley. The addition of rye grain, sourced from and malted at the company’s longtime partner, Great Western Malting, creates a remarkable shift in flavor, yielding more bright citrus, candied fruit, and classic rye nuttiness.

Miles Munroe, Master Blender, Westward Whiskey said, “Here at Westward, we are always challenging ourselves to push further. When we make something we like, we don’t just rest on our laurels – we ask ourselves how altering our ingredients, brewing, distilling, aging or mingling can make something even better. It’s that notion that inspired us to tinker even more with our Two Malts Rye, a whiskey offered back in 2019 that contained 10% malted rye in its grain bill. This time around, our curiosity drove us to add even more rye – with delicious results.”

Let’s see for ourselves, shall we?

Malty and a bit doughy at first, the aroma quickly transitions to citrus high tones and warm roasted nuts. As it opens, the malty underpinnings fall away almost completely, yielding to bright, zesty notes of fresh squeezed orange juice and peeled clementine. The palate offers up a similarly fruity experience, with top notes of juicy tangerine and apple pie filling, heavy on the baking spice. It’s warming with a mild, cinnamon heat and a silky, oily texture. The finish lingers with a bit of cracked pepper, orange peel, and peach pie. Fun stuff and certainly one of the more unique whiskeys I’ve tasted in a while. Yet another good reason to join Westward’s Club.

90 proof.

A- / $99 /

Westward Whiskey Two Malts Rye (2023)




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