Review: Chrome Horse Society Blanco Tequila

Review: Chrome Horse Society Blanco Tequila

Chrome Horse Society is a new brand, founded by Jack Morgan, entrepreneur and equestrian (hence the name). Their tequila is produced at Distileria Leyros from 100% Blue Weber agave using no additives. So far, they have released only a blanco tequila. Chrome Horse Society is dedicated to environmental responsibility: Their agave is grown in private fields and rotated frequently using reduced water consumption. That’s about all we know, so let’s pour a glass and let the tequila speak for itself.

The tequila pours crystal clear, but the nose opens with strong vanilla notes, which suggests it spent time in oak and was filtered back to clear. Resting blanco tequila in oak for up to two months (the maximum amount of time permitted for a blanco) is not necessarily a bad thing, but sampled blind, I would have guessed this was a reposado.

Behind the vanilla, some gentle lime, vegetal, and agave notes can be found, along with a touch of sweet, flowery perfume. Taking a sip, strong vanilla notes again come first along with a cream soda element, but it is shortly followed by more perfume, which isn’t overly pleasant. Agave notes, which would typically shine in a blanco tequila, are almost entirely hidden. Midpalate, the perfume is joined by a touch of black pepper, and the finish is medium in length. It’s workable, but all told, I had higher hopes for an additive-free tequila at this price point.

80 proof. NOM 1489.

B- / $76 /

Chrome Horse Society Blanco Tequila




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