Book Review: How to Make Better Cocktails

Book Review: How to Make Better Cocktails

A telltale sign of a solid cocktail recipe book for beginners is the percentage of effort and page count dedicated to discussing techniques, barware, garnishes, styling and other elements necessary to building a decent knowledge base, bar supply, and skill set. And to its credit, How to Make Better Cocktails spends nearly a quarter of its beautifully designed 220 pages providing this overview.

Aimed largely at beginners and those struggling to break through to intermediate or expert levels, authors Sebastian Hamilton-Mudge, Natalia Garcia Bourke, and Andy Shannon take great care and time to provide clear, accessible directions so readers grasp fundamentals and classic cocktails with relaxed ease. Recipes never scale to levels of professional complexity but keep the focus clearly on the book’s stated intent: Improving on fundamentals while keeping things informative and enjoyable along the way.

While there are some informative infographics and slight deviations to consider, expert cocktail aficionados can bypass this book and not miss too much. However, anyone looking to up their game, or even get in the cocktail game, can start here with confidence and be satisfied they’ll learn quite a bit.


How to Make Better Cocktails




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