Review: Giffard Triple Sec

Review: Giffard Triple Sec


Let’s take another dive into Giffard‘s spin on an essential cocktail ingredient: triple sec, in this case presented as a triple-distilled, clear expression of the classic orange liqueur.

Giffard Triple Sec is fine but not overly unique, leaning more heavily on sweeteners than you’d expect considering the usual fare from the brand. Yes, the orange is distinct and authentic — here rather mandarin or cara cara in tone, with buttery vanilla washing over the experience right from the start. Notes of milk chocolate are present and accounted for once you get past the fruitier notes, but these fade as well, leaving the drinker primarily with the impact of sugar syrup on the tongue.

It’s a perfectly acceptable orange liqueur, presuming you don’t mind the sweetness, but it’s probably not worth the upcharge you’ll have to pay for it over other brands — even premium ones. As well, mixing with Giffard’s triple sec may require dialing back other sweeteners in your recipe, so if you do choose to use it, experiment a bit to perfect your cocktail’s balance before you have company over.

70 proof. (Note that Giffard’s website says 50 proof.)

B+ / $30 /

Giffard Triple Sec




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