Review: Old Forester The 117 Series – Bottled in Bond

Review: Old Forester The 117 Series – Bottled in Bond

Old Forester’s limited edition 117 Series — now under the purview of Melissa Rift — is cranking along with its latest installment which should be familiar to our readers: Bottled in Bond.

As is widely known, the bonded whiskey category was created by the 1897 Bottled in Bond Act, and bonded whiskey must come from a single distillation season at a single distillery, be at least four years old, and bottled at 50% abv. While bottled in bond whiskey is often fairly young, this 117 Series release was produced in spring of 2014, making it a healthy 9 years old.

Let’s give it a try.

Peppery and woody on the nose, there’s plenty of OldFo DNA in the mix here. Lots of peanut and some hints of coffee bean, with echoes of thyme and rosemary — overall it’s a pretty savory, lightly herbal experience. On the palate the experience is mildly sweeter but heavy with a peanut butter quality, layering in notes of butterscotch, brown sugar, and some milk chocolate notes. Fruit is elusive but touches of fig and raisin make an appearance alongside a more traditional, classic baking spice character. Lingering notes of chimney soot keep things dialed back as the finish fades out.

There’s nothing not to like here, but the experience didn’t really leave me jonesing for more. And so I chased this with a glass of Old Forester 1920 and was immediately reminded how immersive and lush Old Forester can be when it wants to.

100 proof.


Old Forester The 117 Series – Bottled in Bond




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