Review: Benzeni Floating Coasters

Review: Benzeni Floating Coasters

Take some ping-pong balls and put them inside a hair scrunchie and presto, you have Benzeni, a “floating coaster” that can wrap around any beverage so you can take it into the pool. Whether it’s as slim as a seltzer can or as fat as an insulated mug, Benzeni can adapt, courtesy of its stretchy body that easily transforms to handle whatever it’s surrounding. And since it’s adjustable, you can move it up and down as needed in order to keep your drink in balance as it slowly (or rapidly) empties. The coasters can also be used to float candles (when placed inside a cup of some kind) or tied together for pool beer pong (see picture above).

How well does it work? Well, with cans and smaller glassware, pretty well, though most items tend to float pretty close to the water line. With cans it’s not a problem, but an open-mouth cup or glass is prone to collecting splashes and wave overruns. After half an hour of testing with a stemless wine glass, I had several ounces of pool water mixed in to my drink. (Benzeni notes that using a drinking vessel with a lid will help with this.) Larger drinking vessels are even more problematic, as Benzeni just isn’t buoyant enough to keep a heavier drinking vessel afloat. Your best bet is to stick to cans — of any size — when possible, or ensure you’re surrounded by fairly still water.

$20 for four /

Benzeni Floating Coasters




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