Review: Bardstown Bourbon Company Collaborative Series: Foursquare

Review: Bardstown Bourbon Company Collaborative Series: Foursquare

Bottle of Bardstown Bourbon Company and Foursquare Collaborative Series bottle

Once upon a time – June 2022, to be specific – Bardstown Bourbon Company released a Plantation Rum finished bourbon to much fanfare. Now for the latest entry in its Collaborative Series the company is back with a new rum finished whiskey, this time blending 9 year old rye with 17 year old bourbon before finishing it in Foursquare Bajan rum casks for nearly two years. While those specs are enough to cause excitement, the true fun begins once the cork comes off this bottle.

A wonderfully complex bouquet greets the nose as the silky influence of Barbadian rum rushes out of the glass before a shake of rye spice introduces a mint note which is soon followed by milk chocolate, toasted almond, and a waxy plum aroma.

On the palate there’s a lush dose of dark chocolate peppered with some of the rye spice from the nose. Though the flavors aren’t as complex as the aromas, it delivers with a depth that makes this release eminently enjoyable. There’s a dash of nutmeg-powdered raisins on the middle of the tongue before the finish unveils tobacco leaf and a measured dollop of molasses indicative of the rum cask’s influence. The texture is just dense enough to avoid being dull, but it’s on the lengthy finish, which is replete with plantain chips and white pepper, where this pour truly soars.

For rum fans and whiskey drinkers alike, this new Bardstown Bourbon Company Collaborative Series expression is a near-perfect marriage, taking the success of their initial foray into rum-finishing and ratcheting it up a few degrees. Wedding the two worlds works exceedingly well here, showcasing the best of both in a single bottle that is more than worth a try.

107 proof.


Bardstown Bourbon Company Collaborative Series: Foursquare




Frank Dobbins is a writer for Drinkhacker.

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