Review: Blood Oath Bourbon Whiskey Pact 9 2023

Review: Blood Oath Bourbon Whiskey Pact 9 2023

The Blood Oaths keep coming, and nine years in, the operation from Lux Row Distillers returns to that old standby Oloroso sherry casks to add a little salt and pepper to the experience. As with other Blood Oath bottlings, this is a blend of bourbons, including a 16-year ryed bourbon, a 12-year ryed bourbon, and finally a 7-year ryed bourbon that is finished in those Oloroso sherry casks.

The results are wholly memorable, if not earth-shaking in uniqueness. Expectations are readily met as the whiskey’s aromas emerge from the glass: Brisk vanilla, cocoa powder, and a light dusting of wood provide instant engagement, with mild notes of fresh herbs and a hint of mint adding a sprinkle of nuance that complements the run-up well. On the palate, a soothing, just-right sweetness evokes vanilla pudding, caramel, and a note of toasted coconut to round things out. Hints of tea leaf and a touch of bergamot arrive pretty late in the game, giving the finish a soothing, rounded quality. Bottled at the usual 49.3% abv, it hits nothing but high notes from start to finish and grips the palate at just the right level of heat.

If I have any complaint about Blood Oath 9 it’s that the sherry influence isn’t readily apparent. While I’m sure the finishing has had some subtle impact here and there, it’s lost amidst the collection of well-crafted, older bourbon stock that’s doing the heavy lifting. I worked through a couple of glasses over 90 minutes and while that orangey bergamot note does slowly grow in prominence, pegging it to any sherry involvement may be a stretch.

That said, I don’t really care. This is top-shelf stuff, as is often the case with Blood Oath, and you should drink it all the same.

98.6 proof. 51,000 bottles produced.


Blood Oath Bourbon Whiskey Pact 9 2023




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