Review: Firestone Walker 805

Review: Firestone Walker 805

Chris already gave you his two cents on 805 Cerveza, a Mexican-style lager with a hint of lime from the cool dudes at Firestone Walker. Now, we’re finally getting around to the 805 flagship, simply dubbed 805. It’s a blonde ale made for the laid back California lifestyle or so the marketing goes. Marketing aside, the brewers at Firestone Walker have been making this beer in Central California since 2012. With more than a decade under its belt, we can assume it’s a crowd pleaser, especially with the beachside set who tend to gravitate toward lighter, sessionable brews. Let’s see if it pleases this crowd of one.

805 pours straw gold with a well-carbonated, snow white head. The aroma is straightforward with sweet cereal, saltines, and a bit of mildly fruity hops. As refreshing as a trip to the beach. On the palate, things are clean and crisp with a generous, malty profile that offers up old fashioned soda crackers and brown bread. It’s impressively light when fresh out of the cooler, but as it warms, the body builds somewhat and that simple, bready presentation adds a bit of depth with a gently, lemony hop note and some added salinity on the finish. Imminently crushable without a hint of bitterness, this is an easy go-to if you’re looking for something simple. And for those beer drinkers who appreciate a pretty can, 805 has recently launched this brew in new, limited-edition packaging designed by illustrator and tattoo artist Thomas Fernandez. It’s definitely eye catching, but I’d keep that all-black can out of the sun.

4.7% abv.

B+ / $9 per six-pack /

Firestone Walker 805




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