Review: Supergay Vodka

Review: Supergay Vodka

June is LGBTQ Pride month, and I can’t think of a brand of spirits that announces its pride more audaciously than Supergay vodka. The brand opened in 2018 and donates a percentage of the profits from every bottle to organizations benefiting the LGBTQ+ community. Their vodka, distilled in a copper pot still in upstate New York, is made with 100% organic, single origin corn and is filtered through activated coconut charcoal. It is also gluten and additive free. Let’s give it a try.

This is a delightful sipping vodka. The nose is very clean with light, pleasant vanilla and cereal notes. The palate is more expressive but still reserved. Notes of gently sweet vanilla cake frosting couple with light corn grain. Also, the vodka has an oily mouthfeel that I found quite enjoyable. There are no harsh edges here and the alcohol is well hidden, though you still know you’re drinking vodka. This is almost too gentle to pair with vermouth in a martini, but it’s a solid choice for pairing with fruit juice and would be excellent in a Cosmo. And yet it might be at its best sipped neat: clean and silky with a long, ethereal finish. I suggest keeping it in the refrigerator, not the freezer, and sipping it while eating sashimi.

80 proof.

A / $38 /

Supergay Vodka




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