Review: Tequila Komos Anejo Reserva

Review: Tequila Komos Anejo Reserva

Last summer, we were introduced to Tequila Komos, the curiously Mediterranean-inspired tequila brand whose lineup includes a handful of expressions but not the most obvious, a blanco offering. So, when the brand announced a new addition to the lineup this year, we were a little surprised to find a second anejo joining the portfolio. Given the brand’s focus on their unique cask program, I suppose we may never see an unaged Komos. This new Anejo Reserva is the most cask-heavy expression yet, aging for a minimum of 12 months in a combination of French oak, bourbon, and sherry casks. That’s a big departure from the original anejo in the lineup, a cristalino aged exclusively in French oak. Let’s check it out.

Classic, bourbon barrel-aged anejos typically deliver on the dark vanilla notes, but this flips the script with chocolaty top notes of cocoa powder, light roast coffee, and chocolate shavings. The vanilla is there, but it’s light and buttery, almost like frosting or pastry cream. A lacing of sweet citrus and agave syrup adds a lovely, earthy brightness. Like the cristalino offering, this anejo is soft and elegant on the palate with an almost invisible agave presence. Early notes of gentle pie spice, sugared almonds, and chocolate-covered toffee give way to buttery peach tart, dark honey, and mild pepper. The finish is long with an easy warmth and airy notes of macaroon and tinned pears. It’s an ethereal tequila and unlike any other anejo I’ve tasted. But it still doesn’t remind me at all of the Mediterranean.

80 proof. NOM 1607.


Tequila Komos Anejo Reserva




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