Review: Almare Spritz, Complete Lineup

Review: Almare Spritz, Complete Lineup

The Spritz isn’t the hardest cocktail to make, but opening a bottle of sparkling wine just to whip up a single drink seems wasteful.

Enter Almare Spritz, a ready-to-drink option available in three varieties and made in the Veneto from the same glera grapes used for Prosecco. Each of the trio comes in a 750 screwcap bottle which allows for easy serving and resealing.

Let’s dive into the trio below. Each is bottled at 8% abv.

Almare Spritz Classico – The most classically structured, orange-hued expression. Citrus-forward up front, them amply bitter later on, with a blood orange overtone and a light grapefruit peel character emerging. Punchy and cleansing, the finish leans on a lightly floral note that nods eventually at gentian, lemon verbena, and mixed greenery — almost cilantro-like at times. Perfectly pleasant. Note that this expression includes natural and artificial colors listed on the label (but not the others). B+ 

Almare Spritz Hugo – Elderflower is the key ingredient in this pale yellow expression, which comes across as floral and a little minty. Clean but a bit winey, the beverage at times evokes a sweeter style of riesling with a fruity, almost tropical, overtone to add some intrigue — all served sparkling, of course. The floral notes endure, making for a simple but refreshing cocktail. B+

Almare Spritz Pompelmo Rosa – By far my least favorite of the trio, this spritz is made with grapefruit and various bitter herbs, leaving the finished product leaning far too heavily on those bitter notes. Without some fruity sweetness to perk it up, it starts off as herbal, featuring dusty notes of sage and perfumy dried flowers, and then quickly turns rather earthy, almost muddy, as the finish builds. What could be refreshing ends up slightly off-putting. C+

each $15 /

Almare Spritz Classico




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